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  1. I believe it was proven that Paul Bernardo was in Lucknow at a dance the night Lois went missing.
    Lucknow is a short distance from her Kincardine home.
    A mass murderer was not far from her location – I would start there.

    1. As far as I know, Paul Bernardo has been disproven as being involved in Lois Hannas dissappearance. Thank you for the comment. No piece of info is to small.

    2. I believe the police did check into that along with Lisa Maas case too because Paul Bernardo had relatives or their cottage was not far from that area too. So many rumors.

    3. Bernardo has been ruled out. There is no evidence to suggest he committed any murders before meeting Karla Homolka.

  2. It was believed that the police did look into Paul Bernardo’s case against Lois Hanna and Lisa Maas. Rumor was Paul had relatives or they had a cottage not too far away from Kincardine/Owen Sound area.

  3. Paul Bernardo was ruled out as a suspect in both Lois and Lisa’s disappearance. He was known to visit the area in the late 1980s, however, he is not a suspect in either case.

    1. Wondered why he was ruled out O read somewhere about the farmer seeing someone weating a peach noght gown is this true? what about writing to W5 and other shows to see of more tips come in

      1. There is no evidence to suggest that Bernardo committed any murders before meeting Karla Homolka. We will certainly seek out more publicity as it only helps to bring in more tips.

  4. Are the Lois and Lisa case connected? Around the same time of disappearance, heard both cases have suspects in mind, is it the same guy? Suspicious that Ron Vallierre(mass boyfriend at the time)they ended their relationship, a reason for murder and should’ve been looked at as a suspect.

    1. There is no connection between the two murders. Yes, correct, Lisa had just left her boyfriend on the Saturday before she disappeared.

  5. I first heard about Lois’ disappearance when I began working at the Bruce in 2007 and rented accommodation just around the corner from her house. Such a tragedy for her and her family. Wasn’t a speck of blood found on a wall in the house, and did this, through DNA testing, ever reveal anything concrete?

    1. Nothing of significance from the blood as it wasn’t saved for future analysis. The initial investigation was not handled well by the police.

      1. From what I recall, weren’t there accusations of a cover up on the part of the police? I’d agree they need to go back and re-question certain individuals of interest, and it’s hard to imagine this wasn’t someone she knew relatively well, or was at least familiar with.

  6. Is Russell Williams a possible suspect. Did his dad work at the bruce power plant. There is a person of interest is there? Can the police question them again or have some one go undercover? Has there been recent searches or requestioning others her friends etc maybe she shared info that she was being harrassed. Any friends in London or Toronto? Did she have a boyfriend? What possible motive would anyone have to bring harm to her. Did someone move away from area after this happened. Can this possible suspect have there property searched? I watched a program on how an investigator methodically questioned Russell Williams where he finally confessed. Is there any thot that more than 1 person was involved. These questions are going through my mind. Is there going to be another search with dogs with continued loud advertizing to search areas dig outcry from public to have case reopened people reinterviewed and those at tje damce who maybe talking to her etc

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