Lisa Maas

Name : MAAS, Lisa Leona
Case : ON-MF-1988-07-01127


Date Of Disappearance :  17 July 1988
Lisa Maas

Lisa Maas

Location Of Disappearance :  Woodford, Ontario
Age At Disappearance :  22 years
Height (estimate) :  148 cm (4'10")
Weight (estimate) :  44 kg (97 lbs)
Hair Colour :  Blonde – dark blonde, worn shoulder length, straight
Eye Colour :  Hazel
Gender :  Female
Race :  Caucasian


Dental Information : 
Medical Information : 
Pregnant – 5 months pregnant 
Glasses – sometimes wore glasses
Notable Identifiers : 
Shoulder – tattoo of a mouse 
Piercings – 3 piercings in each ear 

Build – thin 
Complexion - fair

Clothing/Jewelry : 
Sweatshirt – Mickey Mouse embossed on front

Pants – Blue jeans 
Shoes –White running shoes 

At the time of her disappearance, Lisa may have been wearing the following rings:

'Friendship' ring – 10 kt. yellow gold; ring has two hands; could be worn with hands clasped together or separated

Opal ring – 14 kt. yellow gold, yellow gold shank with a yellow and white gold top; set with diamonds and one black opal doublet

Other Personal Items : 
Additional Information : 
The day before her disappearance, Lisa moved back home in Owen Sound. She was 5 months pregnant.  

Lisa was last seen leaving a house party in Woodford, Ontario. Although she arrived at the party with a girlfriend and male acquaintance, her girlfriend stayed behind when Lisa left. The male acquaintance left with Lisa. According to his statement, he drove Lisa back to her car and she left for home. 

Two days after her disappearance, Lisa's green 1976 Plymouth Fury was found on a blind road running through a farmer's property. The car had been stuck in the mud and there were indications that attempts were made to dislodge the car. 

In the days and weeks following her disappearance, the OPP conducted a number of searches of the area. During one of the searches, Lisa's driver's licence was found along a roadway. It is likely that it had been tossed from a moving car. It was located on top of tall grass.  

Over the two decades since her disappearance, many searches have been conducted. No trace of Lisa has been found.