About Us

The concept for Please Bring Me Home is to bring closure for family and friends of missing loved ones across Canada. Our goal is to solicit anonymous tips that will bring these missing people home to their families. We are not law enforcement and as such are not focused on criminal charges but simply in finding the remains of loved ones so they can be returned home. Not only is it true that somebody knows something, but in our experience, many people hold a piece to the puzzle. No matter how small or insignificant you believe your tip or story to be, we can assure you that it is an important piece to a puzzle which needs to be solved.

The members of this site have a wide range of experience including searching for runaway troubled youth, journalism, research and private investigation. We also have field experience in searching a variety of locations for missing cold case victims. We are committed to the privacy of every person who submits a tip and will protect their privacy. Each tip will be treated with the utmost respect. If you do not leave personal information, we have no way of knowing who submitted the tip. If you wish to be contacted, we will do so.

If there’s one solidifying cry at the end of each day, it’s for someone to please bring home these missing people. Please be that light in the darkness for a grieving family. Please help bring them home.


Please consider a donation to assist us in our ongoing search for these missing people

As a federally recognized Not-for-Profit registered corporation (1078840-6 Please Bring Me Home), we donate all of our time and resources for free. We rely heavily on the generosity of local businesses and individuals who donate their knowledge, resources and equipment. However, we still incur costs in the search for these missing people. All donations are gratefully appreciated and go directly towards paying for these expenses such as bringing in search and rescue teams, forensic anthropologists, cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar.

Donations can be made via etransfer sent to our email pleasebringmehome@outlook.com, directly through PayPal, or to our GoFundMe page.

PayPal Link: https://www.paypal.me/pleasebringmehomegb

GoFundMe Link: https://www.gofundme.com/5nzerso?member=294298